Cartridge Thunder | Jack Pochop and Daniel An

Cartridge Thunder LTD. operates in the subjectively entertaining, theatrical, and fast-paced world of narrative production. Our company is comprised of a small but formidable band of creative individuals interested in producing original content that delights, entertains, and promotes the general welfare of its subjects and encourages the creative drive of both its cast and crew.

In addition to our creative pursuits, we regularly bring our passion to commercial production. View our work on our portfolio, and please don’t hesitate to ask us about the next great thing you’d like to make.

Cartridge Thunder | Our Work Featured In


Jack Pochop

Jack Pochop | Director + Producer

Journey to Burger Town, Crate Digging, Tales from Burger Town (2018), Commercial Projects

Daniel An

Daniel An | Producer, Digital Marketing Consultant

Journey to Burger Town, Crate Digging

Lewis McKinney

Lewis McKinney | Producer, Content Specialist

Crate Digging

Jon Corum

Jon Corum | Director of Photography

Journey to Burger Town, Crate Digging